About me

He/him DOB 350ppm C0²

I am an artist, conservationist and father. I acknowledge that we are in an escalating climate crisis and that we still have our foot on the gas. I’m interested in sharing stories that deepen respectful understanding of diverse cultures and ecologies.

I started my artistic journey in photography and have since expanded my experience to include creative direction, cinematography, production and design. I have also held creative roles within arts festivals and community events.

Born on Wurundjeri Country, I’m of German (Schwäbisch) descent. I was raised by second generation Templer migrants - my parents being medical doctors and peace activists. This upbringing and a love of adventure inspired me to expose issues such as the Woomera Prohibited Area, Pine Gap and the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.

I’ve recently moved to lutruwita/Tasmania with my partner and two children. Here we are making a new start - living off-grid in remote bush on turrakana. As property custodians of a large conservation covenant we’re excited to be raising our children where the forested mountains meet the wild southern ocean. We intend to listen, learn and help look after this place through active environmental stewardship and collaboration.

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