Pitch Music & Arts Festival

In 2022 and 2023 Untitled Group entrusted Studio John Fish to be Creative Directors of one of Australia’s leading festivals - Pitch Music & Arts. 

Our vision was to “create a playground for the Pitch audience, ensuring we continued the diversity in arts, architecture and multi sensory experiences. We carefully considered the journey of the audience and brought together an incredible team to deliver our detailed intentions. Across the Arts Program, Stages, Pitch Pavilion and the Precincts, we engaged over 400 incredible crew and artists giving their all to the project.” 

My role within the Studio John Fish team included: development of the festival’s artistic offering, project management and technical production for the Arts Program, exhibition design, onsite build supervision, development of unique stage and lighting designs, procurement of materials, logistics and development of the festival site layout.

Arts Program 2023:

Anatolik Belikov Studio, Aretha Brown, Audrey Large, Carla Zimbler, Brett Clarke, Chalk River Labs, Coco & Maximillian, Georgia Treloar, Iregular, James Tapscott, Joli Boardman, KyleKm, Spencer Rose, Studio John Fish, Tundra, UnitePlayPerform

Arts Program 2020:

Aarti Jadu, Adnate, Alchemy Orange, Ambrose Zacharakis and Henry Howson, bus.group Berlin, Clayton Blake, Hari Koutlakis, Jolivision, Kit Webster, Kwalia Designs, Mikaela Stafford, Saltwater Dreamtime, Studio John Fish.

Festival after-movie produced by Enamoured Iris