Learning from Fukushima

In 2017 Australian National University Press published ‘Learning from Fukushima’ and featured my artwork ‘Fukushima Apple Tree’ on the front cover. The faint number ‘2.166’ overlayed on the image is the radiation reading (microSievert/hr) taken at the site of the photograph in 2014. Normal background levels for radiation are around 0.1 microSievert/hr.

Learning from Fukushima began as a project to respond in a helpful way to the March 2011 triple disaster (earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown) in north-eastern Japan. It evolved into a collaborative and comprehensive investigation of whether nuclear power was a realistic energy option for East Asia … The authors are physicists, engineers, biologists, a public health physician, and international relations specialists. Each author presents the results of their work.”

To purchase a copy of the book or to find out more head to ANU Press website.